This is the complete list of EGPROC conferences over the years.
A map of all these places can be found here.

2023 Vienna, Austria (Fiedler)

2022 Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Hausfeld)

2020/21 Tilburg, The Netherlands, Program (Rahal)

2019 Dresden, Germany, Program  (Scherbaum)

2018 Aarhus, Danmark, Program (Orquin)

2017 Galway, Ireland, Program (O’Hora)

2016 Bonn, Germany, Program  (Fiedler)

2015 Berlin, Germany, Program (Schulte-Mecklenbeck, Jarecki, Söder)

2014 Salzburg, Austria, Program (Scherndl, Kühberger)

2013 Warsaw, Poland, Program (Macko, Tyszka)

2012 Bolton, Great Britain, Program (Ranyard, Kostopoulou)

2011 Greifswald, Germany, Program (Hiemisch)

2010 Wroclaw, Poland (Zaleskiewicz)

2009 Fribourg, Switzerland, Program (Huber, Huber)

2008 Bergen, Norway (Brun, Schulte-Mecklenbeck, Kobbeltvedt)

2007 Barcelona, Spain (Roca)

2006 Leeds, Great Britain (Maule, Ranyard)

2005 Rovereto, Italy (Bonini, Del Missier)

2004 Salzburg, Austria (Kühberger)

2003 Nijmegen, The Netherlands (Witteman)

2002 Leeds, Great Britain (Maule)

2001 Lviv, Ukrain (Lewicka)

2000 Gothenburg, Sweden (Gärling)

1999 Warsaw, Poland (Tyszka, Sokolowska,Lewicka)

1998 Tromsø, Norway (Teigen)

1997 Leeds, Great Britain (Maule, Zakay)

1996 Stockholm, Sweden (Edland)

1995 Salzburg, Austria (Kühberger)

1994 Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Westenberg, Harte, Koele)

1993 Prague, Czech Republic (Lewicka)

1992 Warsaw, Poland (Tyszka, Lewicka)

1991 Borwick, Great Britain (Ranyard, Crozier)

1990 Fribourg, Switzerland (Huber)

1989 Borwick, England (Ranyard, Crozier)

1988 Lund, Sweden (Svenson)

1987 Nieborow, Poland (Tyszka)

1986 Gothenburg, Sweden (Svenson, Montgomery)

1985 Fribourg, Switzerland (Huber)

1984 Bolton, Great Britain (Ranyard)

1983 Torun, Poland (Tyszka)

1982 Gothenburg, Sweden (Svenson, Montgomery)

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